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Interview with Ejiro Agambi, CEO of LuxuryVox

In this  interview on gift diaries, be inspired by Ejiro’s business lessons. She is the CEO of LuxuryVox, a gift and hospitality company that provides world class event souvenirs, hotel guest amenities (branded mini soap, salt, sugar, hotel towels etc) procurement Services and business advertising gifts/Corporate gifts. Take a seat and munch some cookies as you sit back and read!

So tell us about your business, how did it all start?                   


What is your greatest achievement so far?

Being able to satisfy and exceed expectations of my clients. I remember a time a lady called from the UK. She needed wedding souvenirs urgently for her wedding which was just one week away….I still remember the joy I had when I saw the smile on her sister’s face upon the arrival of the souvenirs in few days.

What are the two major challenges you’ve passed through as a business owner and how were you able to overcome them.

Hiring the right people and time management.
To manage my time better, I create a goal list, delegate jobs and eliminate unnecessary tasks …

What inspires you to keep going?

The passion to make money and put smiles on the faces of my clients  and their recipients while at it.


What advice do you have for young or aspiring giftpreneurs in your industry?

Your customer service is very important. Endeavor to set goals for your business, Networking is also important. If you’re on a journey to building a brand, the quality of your products or service matters a lot and lastly, turn your goals into prayer requests because except the LORD builds the builders build in vain.

A day in the life of an entrepreneur


What’s your morning routine like?

Mornings are better when you talk to God first.
Although my morning routine starts before bed, I write down my goals for the next day and make the necessary preparations…

What is your typical day work like and your favourite moment of the day?

For me it’s that moment of the day when I realize that almost/all my goals for the day have been achieved.

What do you do when you’re not working?

Movies, reading books, surfing the net, singing, family time.

What are the most important things to consider when starting a gifts business?

When starting a gift business, you’ll need to consider the niche of gifting you want to venture into, your target audience and how you plan to execute your idea.

Share with us the most interesting gift project you’ve done and why it was interesting for you?

During the pandemic, we worked tirelessly to produce over twenty-five thousand branded face masks for some front liners and organizations who needed to work like Vanguard, Wakanow, TVC etc.
It’s super interesting for us at LuxuryVox because we were able to help our clients showcase their brand even while protecting their staff and customers…
It was an innovative gift idea for us to come up with and we practically wowed our clients with the comfortable, reusable, breathable nose mask.
Another interesting part of it was that we created jobs for people who wouldn’t have had work during the lockdown as we needed more hands. And there were no causalities recorded!
The sweetest part is that we were able to contribute our quota towards curbing the COVID-19 disease in Nigeria.
What’s the greatest business lesson you’ve learnt in your entrepreneurial journey?

I’ve learnt a lot of lessons running LuxuryVox (The Gift Company),  JEOVIL Cleaning & Maintenance Services, JEOVIL Printing & Branding Solutions and other brands but I’ll mention just one which is; customer service is VERY important to your brand.

Thank you so much  Ejiro Agambi  for sharing your lessons and advice with Gift Diaries. We wish you the best as you build and grow your gift company.

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Interview with Ejiro Agambi, CEO of LuxuryVox – Nigeria's Foremost Bespoke Gift Store | O'lavanda Signature


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