Stories: The Awesomeness Journal | Olavanda Signature

Stories: The Awesomeness Journal

Fantastic Wedding Gifts for your pretty Wedding

Weddings are one of the special ceremonies people love to attend. At the O’lavanda Signature Gifts Studio, we love weddings and making not just couples happy but their guests. A client consulted us to do a special package for the

The box with a touch of purple

Client: Sworte Talks At the Sworte Talks Event, we wanted to make a statement that would amaze our client and most especially deliver awesomeness to the recipients. As always we sourced our amazing gift selections and settled with the theme

The Red Themed Gifts

Client: A Creatives This bespoke collection was created for the company’s clients. We had the Red factor which was a dominant colour in our client’s logo infused with the gifts and the packaging. Because it was an art-inspired company, we